Raise your productivity to a whole new level

ClearFactr is a browser-based platform for financial modeling, combining advanced analytics, easy simulation capabilities, and new formula syntax that replaces your legacy spreadsheet formulas with plain language.

With all formulas displayed in plain language, your audience will have no trouble following your logic.

Unmatched what-if and scenario analysis tools reduce time-consuming tasks to a single click.

Uncover key drivers in your models with powerful, one-of-a-kind tools.

Stress test your forecasts, and your business, with a full-featured Monte Carlo simulator.

Quickly find mistakes in your own work, or in work produced by others.

Simply and securely share your spreadsheets with anyone, and measure their engagement.

Demand and get all three.

Easy. Powerful. Secure.

"Ease of use", “parallel processing”, and "Software as a Service" make for good buzzwords, but more importantly they mean incredible value for you.

  • Fully SaaS

    • Nothing to install.
    • You and your audience always have the latest version.
    • Start using the app in seconds.
  • Purpose-Built

    • Optimized for financial modeling from the ground up.
    • No more hand-coding your analytics.
    • Features that push the boundaries of web applications.
  • First-class Security

    • Top-of-the-line browser certificates.
    • Multi-billion-dollar AWS datacenters.
    • Your data's security is our top priority.

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