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For generations, financial modelers and solution providers have been building custom software using spreadsheets. Amazing when done well, but fraught with EUC* "spreadsheet risk": Versioning nightmares, modeling gymnastics, headache-inducing debugging and who-knows-what types of hidden errors.

At the same time, software engineers have struggled to match the rich UI/UX and flexibility of a spreadsheet, while failing to deliver the computational transparency so many end-users desire.

Both approaches yield lost collaboration opportunities, around the model, the development process, and the resulting business decisions. Perhaps worst of all, time to market – the ultimate weapon in today's software-driven world – often suffers mightily.

Our SaaS spreadsheet web app and our rich API were purpose-built to solve all of this. Individually, or in combination, they'll allow you to deliver end-user happiness in record time.

*End-User Computing, also known as User-Defined Applications or UDAs

Whether you're a long-time software engineer
or a modern-day "citizen developer,"
you'll find lots to love in ClearFactr.
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Data- and Data-model Driven, but Not a Database

We know your models need data to get going. But trying to fit all that data in your spreadsheet, because sometimes you'll need just some of it, can become a road to ruin.

ClearFactr allows you to keep that data where it belongs – in a separately managed, scalable place of your choosing – and helps you to bring in what you need, when you need it, all dynamically driven by your model's calculation chains. Entire categories of spreadsheet coding wither away when you can focus purely on how you'll compute with your data, rather than the slicing and dicing.

Leverage our Web App, Simplify Your Code, and Deliver More Power to Your End-Users
Both the traditional spreadsheet developer/modeler and software engineer would struggle to replicate what comes out of the box with ClearFactr. Things like richly-visualized sensitivity and scenario analysis, version management, and business logic entitlements can be achieved with zero coding.

In fact, a common use-case for ClearFactr is to replace a large spreadsheet with multiple tabs, each tab being a variation around a core model – with the core business logic being duplicated on each – with a single model tab and a set of associated scenarios. Scenarios can then be reviewed, compared, and selectively pushed back into the base case, as if you were doing a merge request.
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Connect Your Modeling Ecosystem with the World
Assembling a Single Source of Truth of models that can be seen and touched with the web app is still just the beginning. Our intuitive API allows you to query for models, read data from them in a variety of ways, write data to them, from a single cell to an entire batch, all the while maintaining a cell-level audit trail of who did what and when.

Most powerfully, models can be used as on-the-fly calculators, with collections of inputs being passed in and correspondingly computed sets of outputs being returned, all without saving anything. Using the WebApp side by side, you and your users can see exactly what's going on, individually and at scale. Everyone can collaborate around the entire process, with all the engagement data being a just a click away. What you wire your ClearFactr models up to, both feeding into them, and flowing out from them, is entirely up to you.
Your Models. Systematized and Ready for Storytelling.

Putting it all together, for the first time, engineers, developers of all stripes, and end users are empowered to collaborate around modeling with full transparency and ground-breaking time-to-market.

Models can be treated like the pieces of software they always wanted to be. Multi-headed EUC monsters can be slayed and replaced with a proper SDLC.

All parties are able to communicate with clarity and authority, yet still have the ability to rapidly pivot as needed.

See where your collective creativity takes you.

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