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For individuals and small teams who want to try ClearFactr for free (with no time limit) For spreadsheet creators and recipients who wish to gain greater insights in a fraction of the time For professionals who wish to maximize their efficiency and insights, both individually and across groups of any size For organizations requiring advanced functionality and customization to enhance their FP&A process
Getting started
Create unlimited spreadsheets
Import unlimited spreadsheets
(we support files from Excel and Google Sheets)
Create unlimited private scenarios (only visible by you) 1 per spreadsheet
Share scenarios Yes (see below)
Merge scenarios
Create simulations Run 1 basic simulation per spreadsheet Run unlimited basic simulations per spreadsheet Run unlimited advanced simulations Customizable
Share simulations Yes (see below)
Share your spreadsheet with unlimited people
Receive an unlimited number of spreadsheets from others
Sharing access settings Standard Standard Advanced Advanced, including enterprise wide admin controls (coming soon)
View engagement data Basic Basic Advanced Advanced
Shared scenarios and simulations Each spreadsheet shared by you can have up to 1 shared scenario or simulation Each spreadsheet shared by you can have up to 3 shared scenarios or simulations 2 ways to work:

1. Each spreadsheet shared by you can have 5 shared scenarios or simulations, no matter how many recipients, or

2. Utilize our Pro Collaboration suite
Create and compare unlimited shared scenarios and simulations across all enterprise users.
Pro Collaboration You and your recipients can create and compare UNLIMITED scenarios and simulations.

Group size (including you):2
Up to 3: Included in plan
4-10: Add $10/person
Workflow Apps
Model Explorer
Advanced Functionality
Version control Rollback changes made in last 7 days Revert to any prior version Revert to any prior version Revert to any prior version
Learn more about enterprise functions
Online support community Online support community Email + online support community Advanced phone/email support
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