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With just a few clicks, ClearFactr’s Scenario Tool allows you to:

  • Create and manage unlimited scenarios
  • Instantly compare up to 10 scenarios at a time
  • Collaborate on scenarios across teams of any size
  • View multiple comparison formats and impactful visualizations
  • Merge changes back into your baseline model with a single click

ClearFactr's Scenario Tool works with any type of spreadsheet model you have. Simply upload your Excel file (.xls or .xlsx) to get started.

How It Works

Since we do all the heavy lifting, your core model remains simpler, easier to understand, and more effective.

Effective Collaboration

Painlessly create and compare scenarios across teams of any size. Eliminate worry about others changing or breaking your model.

No additional setup required

ClearFactr does all of the calculations for you. Switch your comparisons between absolute and percentage differences with just a click. Want to reverse all the numbers? Just hit the Swap button.

Impactful visualizations

Cells are color coded based on the magnitude of their change. Instantly focus on what's important.

Helpful reports

With a single click, view a report listing all differences between your scenarios, across all tabs. No more hunting, pecking and searching.

Keep the best changes

Want to incorporate any or all of the changes in your scenarios back to your baseline model? It takes only seconds with ClearFactr’s Scenario Merge feature.

Compare up to 10 scenarios

With just a few more clicks, chart important differences across up to 10 scenarios at once. Simplify your core model by 10x or more.

Works with any spreadsheet-based model, including:

  • Financial forecasts
  • Budgets
  • Marketing plans
  • Valuation Models
  • Economic Models
  • And more...

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