Sharing a Plan

ClearFactr’s Share Plan feature puts an end to emailing spreadsheets to people (and the resulting versioning headaches!). It requires no special server connections and allows the plan owner to see how people are interacting with their plan.

How does Sharing work?

Some notes on privacy

One of the main intents of ClearFactr is to aggregate the interactions of the shared audience into one central place for the plan owner to study and glean insight from. However, measures are taken to maintain appropriate privacy. You should keep these points in mind:


All sharing is configured from the dashboard, via the Plans panel. Look for the Share button on the toolbar:


Clicking this button brings up the Sharing configuration panel:


Descriptions of each of the items are below:

PlanThe name of the plan being shared. It can’t be changed.
SearchA list of all of the people in your ClearFactr network. This consists of all people you’ve shared a lan with and all people who have shared one or more of their plans with you. As you type in this list, it will filter down to the matching names.
User’s EmailThe email of the person you’re sharing the plan with. They’ll get an email inviting them into the plan, along with instructions for setting up a free account if they are not already a ClearFactr user (see above).
First NameOnly used when an invitation is sent to a new user.
Last NameOnly used when an invitation is sent to a new user.
Notify on AcceptIf checked, the plan owner will receive an email when the shared user accepts the invitation.
Change Inputs?If checked, the user will be able to change root cell values, which will cause other cells to recompute. In any case, they will not be able to change any formulas.
Run Simulations?If checked, the user will be able to run and save simulations.
Save Scenarios?If checked, the user will be able to save scenarios. Note that this requires that the user has the ability to change inputs.
Allow Export?If checked, the user will be able to export the plan to another file format.
ExpirationIf specified, access to the plan will be revoked automatically at the end of this date.
MessageYou can specify a short message here that will be included in the sharing invitation.
Send AnotherIf checked, all field values other than the person’s name and email will persist after you click Share, allowing you to easily send the same or similar invitations to multiple people.

Once you share the plan with one or more people, you’ll see the share count to the right of the plan’s name in your dashboard.