Comparing Scenarios

A Scenario in ClearFactr can be thought of as a snapshot of a Plan with a particular set of data and formulas. If you have saved a scenario, it will appear in the Scenarios and Simulations section of the dashboard. Scenarios are created with the Scenario Management toolbar, accessed via the Scenarios button on the main toolbar of any plan.

Scenarios are useful for preserving certain configurations of the Plan, and even more useful as the basis for comparisons. You can compare an older scenario with the latest version of the Plan, or compare two scenarios to each other.

You can start a comparison from the dashboard or from within a plan.

From the Dashboard...

  1. Use the checkboxes to select one or more scenarios in the Scenarios and Simulations panel. Note that simulations cannot be compared to scenarios. You can identify simulations by the existence of data in the "Simulation Performace Results" table.
  2. Click the "Compare Scenarios" button.

From within a Plan...

Simply click the "Compare" button in the main toolbar. This will bring up the Compare Scenarios toolbar:


Select two scenarios to compare in the A and B dropdown lists. By default, the plan grid will display the differnce between Scenario A and Scenario B. Use the "Show Me" dropdown list to control the view in the grid. The choices are:

A onlyLike it sounds, only displays values from Scenario A.
A - BDefault. Subtracts Scenario B from Scenario A and displays the difference.
A - B as %Subtracts Scenario B from Scenario A and displays the difference in percentage terms.

The differences are color-coded in the grid, with the darkest green values indicating the greatest positive differences and the darkest red values indicating the greatest negative differences. You can toggle the color coding on and off with the "Heatmap" button.


By default, any values that remain the same between the two scenarios are hidden from the grid. You can adjust their visibility with the number slider.

If you click on a cell, its value and formula for each scenario will be displayed in the fields to the right of the A and B dropdown lists.

Exit Comparison mode by clicking again on the "Compare" button in the main toolbar.