Model Explorer Overview

For anyone who has ever opened someone else’s spreadsheet and said anything like, “Where do I start?”, "How does this work?” or "What’s important?” ClearFactr’s Model Explorer is the go-to tool. But it’s not just limited to other people’s models — you may want to sanity check your own work before distributing it, or, with just a few clicks, glean insight in a way that might take hours with legacy approaches and tools.

The Model Explorer consists of several groups of simple-to-use ClearFactr features that can be used in a linear fashion, or iteratively as interesting aspects warrant further investigation. It’s also the jumping-off place for team collaboration, through comment capture and reporting. Collectively they enable the core premise of ClearFactr: Creating Understanding.

To get started, you'll Import your existing Excel model into ClearFactr.

Next, you'll want to learn how the model works mechanically:

FeatureUsage and Benefit
Tab Dependency ReportShows you the model's architecture and workings from the highest level.
Cell Type HighlightingInstantly see where the inputs, formula and outputs are.
Relationships ModeVisualize relationships with a heatmap that follows along as you move the current cell.
Cell Relationships NavigatorFully explore the details of any cell’s calculation chain across all tabs, and to take notes about the chain and its cells.
Natural Language ConversionAutomatically replaces legacy formula syntax and makes all of the models' logic and analytics easier to understand and convey.
Describe Timepoint ReportUnderstand a slice of data and formula logic for any given moment in time, in Natural Language.
Describe Plan ReportSummarizes and reports all of the data and logic across time, in Natural Language.
CommentingTake notes and set the stage for future collaboration with other team members.

Now the stage is set to explore the model further from an analytical perspective:

FeatureUsage and Benefit
GraphingVisualize and auto-accumulate aspects of your plan with a few clicks.
Factors ReportSee what drives a particular cell, and by how much.
Impact ReportAutomatically find the greatest leverage points in the model, across all of the inputs and outputs.
What IfSee and understand exactly what happens when you change any cell in the model.

If you're the owner of the model, you can share it with your team:

FeatureUsage and Benefit
Sharing PanelShare your model with one or more people.
Virtual Data RoomSee on the Dashboard how people are interacting with the model to know how to best follow up.

Finally, as needed, you can export your ClearFactr model back to Excel as needed via creation of a native .xlsx file, preserving all formulas and formatting.

Each of the items above is described more fully in a series of associated docs. Better yet, the ClearFactr team continues to add automations to these features, to provide insight to you as automatically as possible. Give us your thoughts at