Importing Excel Files into ClearFactr

Start at the Dashboard and look for the Import Button on Plans toolbar.


Click the Import button to launch the Importer:

ClearFactr Import Panel

Please note some restrictions on what can be imported:

File Types.xls or .xlsx only. Note that these can be generated by Google Sheets, too. Macro files are not supported.
File Size1MB or less.
External linksCurrently not supported, but coming soon.

“Well-Formed” spreadsheets will import more successfully. This type of spreadsheet has one data structure per tab, such as a schedule of cashflow projections by month, with date labels across the top, and schedule component labels down the left side.

Click the 'Import Spreadsheet' button to start the process.

If any errors are encountered, they'll be summarized in a list, along with possible workarounds. This list will also be emailed to you.

Upon completion, you'll see this "Next Steps" panel [coming very soon]


Use the Natural Language WizardStep through the tabs automatically as ClearFactr makes suggestions of row and column headers using your existing content. You can also do this manually by selecting cells and then choosing various options from the Right-Click context menu.
View the Tab Dependency ReportThe best, easiest way to get a quick overview of how the model's tabs drive each other.
Share the ModelInvite others into the model so they can collaborate and analyze, safely and easily. They'll always see the latest version and can run scenarios, but they can't change the model.
Do nothingReturn to the Dashboard.