The Describe Timepoint Report

The Describe Timepoint report shows all of the data and formula logic used for a single time in the model.

To run the report, click any cell in a column of interest, and then select Describe Timepoint from the Analyze menu:


Here's an example of what you'll see:


The Describe Timepoint report will show all of the cells in the column grouped by Roots and Formulas. Inspecting the report will tell the entire story for this column on this tab.

Things to NoticeMore Info...
Tab ReferencesYou can quickly see references to other tabs via this report by scanning the formulas for tab references.
Cell OrderingThis report will stack the Root cells and the Formula cells in the order they are found from top to bottom. This can be helpful if the Root values driving Formulaic cells are scattered around the column.

Often a time-based model will use repetitive logic from one column to the next. A well-formed model, with the model’s logic organized in a top-down, left-to-right fashion, will describe itself nicely on this report. If the model’s logic changes from column to column, this report will not capture that. To detect this situation more easily, we’ll use the Describe Plan report.