Templates Have Arrived

By Dean Zarras

You asked for them, and they’re here. Templates have come to ClearFactr.

You can now jump-start a Plan by copying one of our pre-defined Templates. It couldn’t be easier. Just click the Templates button above your list of Plans on the Dashboard. This will load the “Templates” folder into your list of Plans. Then open the folder and find the template that suits your needs. At this point, you can do two things:

  1. Open your chosen template just like any other shared plan, and use it as is. You’ll be able to enter new data and rum simulations, but you won’t be able to change any formulas or alter the structure of the plan itself.
  2. Click the “Copy from Template” button and make it your own. This will instantly create a new Plan that you’ll have full control over. More than likely, you’ll want to add or remove attributes, maybe move things around, add a tab or two, even change the timepoints. All easily doable.

In either case, be sure to use the Describe Plan feature to let the Self-Describing Spreadsheet tell you how the template works. Then you’ll be in the best position to make your next move.

Q: Why aren’t the Templates automatically loaded? Why do I need to click a button?

A: Not everyone will use them, and we don’t want to slow you down by loading things you don’t need.

Are you an expert in a particular field or industry? Let’s get you paid for what you know! Logic9s will be building out a library of templates for various types of Plans. We’re envisioning a marketplace of templates where you’ll get paid every time someone starts their plan from your template. Please contact us for more information.

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